Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trying to do the Math

My in-laws celebrated their wedding anniversary last Thursday, sixty years. I normally do a Mother's Day bbq at my house but this year I thought I would surprise them with an anniversary party as well. The house was decorated, guests were invited, we toasted their anniversary and had them cut a cake, it was alot of work (especially considering it was Mother's Day), but how often does an anniversary like that come up, I'm glad we did something special for them.

My youngest daughter and I were taking the last of the decorations down last night and I told her to be careful with some of them, I planned on keeping the "60" ones for my husband's birthday in two years. She looked at me kind of funny and asked if her dad was going to be 60 in two years, because she was only going to be in grade 11 and I said yes he was, that's just the way things happen sometimes. She told me she thinks that is really messed up.

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