Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Romancing the Squirrels

Anyone who knows me knows my favorite flower is a white calla lily, it's so simple and pure, but sometimes hard to find when looking for cut flowers. My favorite easy choice would be white tulips.

My girlfriend was over last week and noticed some of my bulbs were starting to bloom. She asked me why my tulips were yellow and my daffodils were white. I told her I don't really like daffodils, I only planted them because of the squirrel problem I have, so by planting white daffs it makes me feel like they aren't really daffodils after all and if I plant white daffodils, I don't want to have white tulips, so I planted yellow tulips instead. She then asked me to explain why I have one single pink tulip. I told her it was a gift from the squirrels, when they raided my garden a few years ago, they left me the pink tulip, it's kind of romantic, right?

She told me she's going to call my husband, she thinks he needs to give me more attention, I told her after the freezer thing, I'd rather keep the tulip from the squirrels.

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