Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just a Little Vent

My daughter told me on Monday she thought I was cranky. All of the time. I have two daughters, so in case you're trying to figure out which one said that to me, I'll give you a few hints.

She's the one that currently has four pairs of flip flops, two pairs of running shoes, a gym bag, a pair of work shoes and her roller blades dropped conveniently (for her) at the front door. If she's going to be out (with my car) and I need something, say like milk (because she drinks it all) and I ask her to pick it up, she will ask me for money for the milk, even though she is working full time and not paying any rent. She will also return my car and thoughtfully remind me that I need more gas, because it's on empty, even though it had a half of tank of gas when she left with it. Did I mention she is working full time and not paying any rent? In my cranky state I truly can't remember. She also doesn't like the yogurt I just bought, a 16 pack on sale for $5.49. She likes the eight pack, the one that's not on sale, with a retail of $5.99. How inconsiderate of me.

To quote what my best male friend said to me recently, "you know, for someone who spent four years at university, she's really not that bright". Amen to that my friend and thanks for listening.

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