Friday, April 24, 2009

Milk and Cookies

I had planned on my next blog entry being a powerful thought provoking entry (hahahahaha) on how I was taking a challenge I read about in the Toronto Star to give up plastics for one week, but after finishing the article I knew I was doomed to failure, my downfall being milk. We consume roughly 16 litres of milk a week, at a cost of about $1.50/litre and to switch to those glass bottles of milk, if I can even find them, was going to cost me $3.69/litre and that is just too much money, but screw that idea completely, because this morning brings me great news.

I'm a "carefully selected group of bakers who are already familiar with Nestle Toll House." I received a care package from Nestle with a letter, fridge magnet, recipes, history on Toll House and a coupon for a free package of morsels, and three more savings coupons for future purchases. My initial reaction was to forgot about what I had planned for today and head out to redeem those coupons, pick up some milk and bake some cookies, and then I wondered how did Nestle get my address in the first place. It's true, I e-mailed them last fall asking them why I couldn't get those morsels here, but I never included my mailing address and the launch was last September, so I guess I'm so carefully selected that they have spent the last seven months trying to track me down.

None of it even matters, what's important is that I have my free morsels and cheap milk. I'll have to work on saving the Earth another day.

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